Some Pictures of the Restoration of a Velocette Venom
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Velocette Venom 'basket case' delivered by dealer and then laid out on the patio
Lucky I've got some Solvol Autosol - the chrome on the tank seems a bit dull
With the tank and seat balanced on the frame it looks a bit more like it
I'm starting to think that the chome cleaner will have to be industrial strength! 
I've seen better teeth at an octogenarians' tea party!
Are the holes in the chainguard the equivalent of a 'Go Faster' stripe on a Cortina?
Rocker cover seems a nice fit on the head! - Carb looks like its off a Bantam?
I know there's nothing inside the gearbox - I'm wondering what's in the engine?
Looking at the silencer I see where the term 'scratching' comes from - nice blue tank though!
           Well at least there's a mainshaft                         ...but the steering geometry seems a bit out!
 You'll be old and grey before you get that back on the road - hmm!