Some Pictures of the Restoration of a Velocette Venom
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I have put together some photographs of the 1959 Veleocette Venom I bought as a 'basket case' in 1992 from a dealer in Framlingham. I had been advised against buying a box of bits by just about everyone I asked, I even called Geoff Dodkin to see if he had anything suitable for restoration, and he also told me not to do it. I obviously should have listened to him, but of course I knew better!

I hadn't owned or ridden a bike for the previous 30 years, but I've always had an interest in things mechanical and without any previous experience, I fancied having a go at renovating a classic bike. I chose a Venom as I had owned a Clubman as a teenager, until it was written off when I 'T boned' an A35 van! Fortunately for me, I survived, but having destroyed one Velo I liked the idea of returning this one to the road from a collection of rusty parts.
I had a very limited resources and not a great deal of time but I was determined to do everything possible myself. Consequently it took me nearly four years to complete the project during which there were many highs and lows. A friend who also restored a Velo commented that the trials and tribulations involved are "character building", certainly there were times when I felt like giving up.
The photographs are divided into groups to illustrate the main stages of the project. I realise now that I have precious few photographs of the rebuild phase which I have euphemistically called "Blood Sweat & Tears". I think this is because with every thing else I had to do, taking photographs was not then a priority. I hadn't anticipated then, that one day I would be documenting my work on an Internet web site.
During the rebuild I joined the Velocette Owners Club, met many new people, formed new friendships, travelled the country in search of parts and was given much help and advice along the way. It was very satisfying to finally get the bike back on the road and ride it to Stanford Hall for the VMCC Founders Day Rally in July 1996. I hope you will find the pictures interesting.